• Mark Lucas & Nudge Mieli

The Minute

Sounds like a bang at the door “Bang, Bang, Bang..." Ten seconds and it’s time to work.

Stool slides in under the bottom rope, as he sits my hand goes straight on his chest to feel his heart beat, he opens his mouth like a baby bird waiting to be fed, instead my fingers go in and out comes the mouth guard. "Breathe son" I kneel, hand still on his heart my left hand pulls out his trunks and groin guard. My cut man leans through the ropes checks for swelling, cuts or abrasions. He applies the end swell and vasoline. I swap hands on the trunks and instinctively reach for the water that I know will be waiting for me. One or two sips and the bottle is gone.

"Great start mate, jab is working nicely, now we start putting them together. Start just off centre and look for 3 off the jab. Don’t exchange and use your feet after we shoot the 3".

Bang, Bang, Bang... seconds out, again my hand goes out and the mouth guard is handed to me, as I slide it in he winks, stands, takes a deep breath and walks back to the battle.

By the time I’m out of the ring and the bell rings we resume our positions.

1440 minutes in a day, some fights it’s one some fights it’s four, six or eleven. But it’s that one minute at a time that can change the outcome of not only a fight but the course of a fighters destiny.

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