• Mark Lucas & Nudge Mieli

Call me whatever you want - I don't really care because I have two darlings who call me Dad!

Her waters break and in the ensuing four hours that it takes to have her baby in the safety of her arms she is impenetrable.

Nothing could phase her, not the excitement, the fears, the doubt, the pain, the push, not one predisposed idea of what this experience should be for women in our society today. 

Instead she straps on her cape and once again proves why she is the toughest, most loving, unselfish person in our household and delivers with apparent ease (I use the term ease with the upmost respect).

Childbirth and the miracle of having a family to call your own is, for me, the most rewarding thing I've been privileged enough to experience.

A woman’s gift, the ability to bring the beauty of a child into the world is something to be in admiration of and too often taken for granted.

The gift Emma (my wife, the old ball and chain, ball buster, old girl, the misses) has blessed us with is something I’m so privileged to be a part of. I will be hard pressed to ever express the depth of gratitude I have to her.

My three girls have shown me what love truly represents.

They have shown me who I, as a protector, a provider, a mentor, an example and hopefully a hero, needs to be. 

The best version of me.

Nothing less is acceptable and I’m not relating this to my own selfish pursuits in boxing but to lead by my best example in life. To show that what a man, father should be.

From the way I present myself, to the example I set of how a young man should one day treat them because of how Dad treated their mother. 

To demonstrate the value of hard work and the importance of pursuing their passions with everything they have.

To stay true to themselves regardless of the doubt, insecurities and negative influence of their peers. 

To demonstrate how to express love and compassion to their friends and family (when deserving) and how to be strong and resilient (or a tough motherfucker) when life has your back on the ropes. Also how to make farts come out of Dad by pulling his finger.

After all, our duties as a father can’t just be about heading out to work, yelling when they are in trouble and asking their mother when dinner is ready (yes it may include a few of those things), but it is much more significant. 

We are the ones who set the standards of how our children should behave, how they should treat others and the standard of which they deem it acceptable to be treated. We are their first hero’s and the main idea of who they want to become.

This is what drives me to constant betterment, self reflection and regardless of the pursuit chasing greatness because without me leading by example how can I expect them to be a better person than me.

Leaving their foundations to chance leaves their futures to chance and for the joy, love and lessons they provide I owe them much more than chance.

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